Design Tips

Design Tips | Some of Mary's Favourite Things...

  • Trust your instincts - a stunning scheme, however beautifully designed, doesn't belong in your home unless it makes you happy or lifts your spirits
  • Always make sure your room is well lit - lamps are a wonderfully portable, functional and decorative source of lighting, used in conjunction with decent background lighting 
  • Elaborate schemes can feel overpowering so use the best quality fabrics and furnishings you can afford and keep it simple
  • Colour is exciting and inspirational - don't be afraid to introduce it in a neutral scheme to add points of warmth and interest
  • Comfort must always come first, unless you live in a show home
  • Always include a little black in every scheme - it helps to lift and sharpen the whole effect
  • Play up to a room's assets. If it is small and dark, don't try to change it - painting it white will make it look cold, so make it cosy. And don't be afraid to place a large piece of furniture in a small space - it will look much better than a number of smaller pieces
  • You can have too much of a good thing!
  • But you can never have enough chairs to sit on in unexpected places
  • Think of your entrance hall as an appetiser of things to come - it should reflect your style and your home, but also contain something special that makes you smile when you come in, or which makes guests want to see more
  • Display smaller pictures in groups - providing focus to an otherwise seemingly random collection
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