How We Work

How We Work | The Design Process

Our clients come to us for a number of reasons

Some may be overwhelmed by the choices available to them, or need an expert eye to pull a scheme together. Other clients may have a clear idea of how they want to live or the kind of space they want to create, but have insufficient time to source the right items, or to manage the installation

We understand that inviting someone into your home and asking them to design a scheme that reflects your own needs, tastes and lifestyle can be daunting

Our approach is not about us imposing a repetitious signature style, or merely following the latest trends. It is about listening to and understanding what our clients are really trying to achieve, and guiding them through the design process to find the best possible way of interpreting that vision


We work within our client's budget and timescales, and with the architecture of the property, to create a space that is both inspirational and uniquely theirs

Above all, our approach is about building collaborative relationships with our clients based

"Thank you for helping me realise my "imaginings""
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